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Holland's best kept secret...

Thinking of the Netherlands, you will see tulips, clogs, cheese and chips. The Dutch soil is ideally suited for the cultivation of potatoes.

Potatoes, healthy of origin and in all kinds and pure flavors. 3 Dutch Farmers process their potatoes with skin, on their own farm, into delicious chips. You can't get closer to the source of the Netherlands.

3 Dutch Farmers is available in two flavors: paprika and sea salt. Chips from 3 Dutch Famers does not contain artificial flavors and does not contain allergens or food intolerances.

The original transparent packaging makes 3 Dutch Farmers the ideal, long-lasting souvenir. For anyone who cherishes a tasteful memory of the Netherlands.

Include 3 Dutch Farmers in your product range; in your shop, in your hotels and transferiums; at all hotspots, anywhere around the world. Nice in between; as a delicacy on your menu or as a taste sensation during festivals or events.


Thinking of the Netherlands
I see wide rivers
slowly flowing through
infinite lowlands
Windmills turning
pumping imperturbably
the flowing water from the reclaimed land

Tulips as far as the eye can see
cows grazing in green pastures
providing creamy milk and golden cheeses
Fertile clay soil
Managed with passion and dedication
That rewards every season with harvests

Inspired by Hendrik Marsman (1899-1940)

Your connection with the Netherlands.
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